5 Things To Increase Your Vitality


Most of us don’t think of greens in our breakfast profile but you will be absolutely surprised with the benefits, energy, and stamina it helps to create.  In addition, adding rich green leafy vegetables to your morning will give your body a hearty punch of vitamins that will help quiet junk food cravings throughout the day.

2. Avoid Over Starching.

I was surprised with the amount of starch I was intaking a day.  If you are mindful and monitor your carb intake you may experience the same shock.  Diets high in starch can increase inflammation in the body and lead to avoidable conditions and disease.  As you age, your body will be impacted the greater and you will feel the decline in your energy almost immediately.  Monitor yourself and don’t over starch.  If your feel feelings of tiredness and lack of vitality after you eat make a note and choose better the next time.

3. Take a walk in nature.


Counting Steps.

7,500 steps – maintain weight
10,000 steps – lose weight
12,500 steps – to stay very active

Need I say more? There is nothing like walking in nature with a nice breeze nuzzling your checks to cause you to remember the grace of life.  Your lungs will breath freely, your skin will inhale and exhale the fresh air released from the trees.  It will rejuvenate you.  Walking is also a optimal time to talk with God and walking in nature makes it so much more wonderful.


4. Water, Water, Water

You have heard it before.  Water is an essential building block in the body.  Check out EWG”s (Environmental Working Group) website.  They are a team of watchdog scientist who review products for consumers to review. There you will find a have a section dedicated to revealing how safe water is in your community.  They also provide ratings of filters and so much more.  It is an awesome resource.  EWG’s Water Database & Resources.

5. Under schedule your day.

The stress levels in the world today are off the charts.  We busy ourselves not even leaving time to sleep, rest, eat home cooked meals, or spend time with loved ones.  

Begin today, and make a habit of scheduling quality based activities into your calendar and be adamant that they don’t fall of the back of the bus.  Schedule in: hug time with your loved ones, tickle time with the kids, meal preparation, workouts, walks with the family, meditation & devotional, and those things that really enrich you.  You will be so blessed that you did.

Enjoy increased vitality and many blessings!


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