It’s Recycled!

Natural Value

Product: Bathroom Tissue
Cost: $2.99


Okay, so it happened, as it always does, we ran out of bathroom tissue.  Thinking, let me run to Target and re up, I stopped into my local organic store.  In my mind, I was getting tissue from Target because I just did not want to pay a premium price for tissue on this day. Let me just mention, this day is most days.  Hey call me thrifty.

I walked the aisles as I normally do and thought, let me check out the tissue.


Hey...$2.99 for 4 rolls, that's not bad. There is was, exactly what I need and it commented my intentions to making healthier choices.  I go on to read the label and to my pleasant surprise it read:

100% recycled
No Chlorine Bleach was used to manufacture this product
Free of Dyes, Inks, and Fragrances

So there it is I am making a switch!!!! Yeah!

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