Peaceful Home

Living in a place that generates emotions through sensory stimulation is becoming so important to me. The fresh subtle smell of a lemon, clean uncluttered surfaces, natural soothing lighting, the sounds of birds chirping in the morning. They are all apart of the many things that allow your environment to nurture you.

Creating a home that is loving, healthy, and nurturing for you and you loved ones and guests takes time and intentionality.

Read Your Home’s Energy

It starts with the energy in the home. What have you and you loved ones been feeding your space? Love fills the air. Do you agree? Well, so does other things. Start by creating loving moments where there is none. Bring in gentle soothing scents. Remove the causes.

Care for yourself on purpose

When love on yourself you realize that where you are is just as much self careas what you are doing for yourself. Something as little as putting things away in their proper place helps a lot. It clears clutter and removes the bad energy of looking for something and not finding it where it should be.

Love your loved ones with care

Take the time to feel the needs of those around you. You will not know everything but just think breadcrumbs and let me tell you the effort goes a long way. Nurturing goes two ways, especially when you have children, you must nurture their needs and nurture their growth at the same time, loving confrontation I call it.

Remember, Remember, Remember
Your Spirit is at the heart of it all.

Peace is an inward quality and virtue. It will not be easy to create it without if you do not have it operating with in. Stay connected closely and intimately to the God the Father and may his spirit fill your being, your home and your loved ones. It is the most important thing.

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