Why Jesus?

I will tell you a truth. I began my life with the Lord when I was around 12. My family was in the Dollar Store and my mom gave me $5 to shop. One of the things I found that day was a Bible. I brought it and that began my journey know God and love him the way I do.

At that time, my family was not attending church. I would go through the book of the bible I wanted to read and list all the words I did not know,  look them up,  and then read the book with my sheet of definitions so I would understand.

It’s been a continued journey from there but let me tell you why Jesus. I have always believed in the Christ Jesus but one year I took of my cross that I had be wearing for 10 years. I was so distracted by the disunity that religion created in the world that I thought, "Jesus you are my personal Lord but I am going to say God so that people see who I am before they label me with the many labels they attribute to Christians."

This time became a valuable spiritual experience for me. In an attempt to disassociate myself with some of the ill reputations of Christianity, it limited my sincerity to the one I loved most.

During this time as well, I was experiencing some spiritual warfare, and in my prayer the Lord showed me as clear as day.

When you war in the spirit you can’t come nameless.
In whose power do you come?

The example and sacrifice of Christ, the spiritual battles won through His life, at the cross, and beyond, I am speechless and eternally grateful.

Father God,  keep me forever in your love! That is only a small part of my, WHY JESUS?

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